Black Friday: Nintendo Switch The Most Desired Technological Product, According To A Study


Black Friday: An analysis places the Nintendo console as not only the most demanded console for this Black Friday, but also of all technology. Black Friday 2021 will be one of the longest in remembrance. Given the lack of supply of key products due to the semiconductor crisis, the large chains – especially those oriented to consumer electronics – have already started their promotions related to Black Friday, and everything indicates that Nintendo Switch will be the star technological product.

Nintendo Switch outperforms laptops, iPhones and PlayStation

At least this is what a study carried out by Trusted Reviews in the United Kingdom concludes, which has been monitoring searches related to the purchase of products in the technology sector. The report includes interest in laptops, televisions, iPhone, iPad, smartphones in general, and consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation.

The results, once all the data has been collected, reveal that Nintendo Switch is the product associated with technology with the most searches related to Black Friday, with a volume of 25,900 searches of the total amount analyzed. For its part, PlayStation has 7,600 searches, while Xbox accumulates 2,800 searches.

Nintendo Switch – 25,900 searches
Laptops – 21,100 searches
TV – 18,700 searches
iPhone – 14,000 searches
Smartphones – 12,000 searches
iPad – 11,500 searches
PlayStation – 7,600 searches
Dyson Hair Dryer – 6,900 searches
Airpods – 5,100 searches
Xbox – 2,800 searches