Black Friday: how to choose the right Smart TV for you


Smart TV lived up to its name (smart TV in English) and started to incorporate functions similar to those of a smartphone on television. From then on, the “viewer” became a “user” and started to choose what he wanted to watch and, more importantly, when to watch it.

But the news didn’t stop there: smart TV allows you to access websites, search and search, read e-mails, connect to social networks, play video games, and even retire cable TV services, exchanging them for streaming.

Buying a smart TV

Let’s start with a secret: buying a television for Christmas or Black Friday is the same thing. What we mean is: it’s always kind of oppressive and scary, both due to prices and options. TVs of the same size have shocking price fluctuations, manufacturers (and vendors) invent a host of features you won’t be using, bizarre technologies and “nothing to do” demands on image quality just so you can spend more.

The purpose of this short tutorial is to provide easy-to-understand information that can be useful when buying the best smart TV for you. We will not answer all questions or make astrological predictions like “which TV will make you happy?” But, after reading, you will know the basics to feel comfortable about which to buy.


The size of the TV is one of the main items to be analyzed. A 26-inch smart TV should be at least one meter apart, but never more than two meters apart. A 42-inch device must maintain a distance of 1.60m from the viewer’s eyes, but less than 3.20m. It is also necessary to think about the size of the room: many people dream of a 110 inch TV, but sometimes they forget that the screen reaches almost two meters in width.

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