Black Friday Deals on Gaming Chairs 2022: What to Expect


Gaming chairs are one of the most popular things in the industry right now, so grabbing one of them during Black Friday will be a must. Here’s what to expect.

No one could have imagined that furniture for gaming enthusiasts would take over the industry the way it did. These race car-inspired upholstered chairs are constantly in fashion, and brands are demanding that their own version be behind the biggest streamers or even, chess masters, behind.

However, gaming chairs can be very expensive, and we don’t expect anyone to go and buy a new one right away. Corsair, Razer and Secretlab offer their chairs for several hundred dollars, while budget options that are really worthy are hard to find.

That’s why Black Friday has become the perfect storm to buy chairs, as we can wholeheartedly recommend some of the chairs that are usually unavailable to many people.

At this time of year, prices are significantly reduced, especially for well-known brands, because they will introduce a new line of furniture for next year or want to get rid of extra old chairs that they no longer want to buy. promote.

So what can you expect from Black Friday and various chair manufacturers? Well, let’s take a look at the last couple of years of Black Friday deals around the gaming chairs phenomenon.

Secretlab Discounts for Black Friday

We’re going to take a risk and say that the company best known for its gaming chairs will probably hold another chair sale this Black Friday.

Secretlab currently has dozens of chairs and other pieces of furniture on display in their store, which are constantly on sale throughout the year. Right now, the discount is up to 200 pounds in the British store, and up to 250 dollars in the USA.

However, by Black Friday in 2021, we received huge discounts on a huge line of chairs. It even included the latest releases and branded chairs. If you wanted a Batman-style chair, 2021 was the year you bought it.

However, this year we expect things like the K/DA, League of Legends and Fortnite brands to get deeper discounts, while the release of Overwatch 2 may lead to additional deals with various chairs related to the fact that they will become cheaper.

Corsair offers gaming chairs

It’s still weird to talk about a company that makes our RAM and power supplies that make our upholstery, but we digress.

Corsair holds sales throughout the year, and their furniture offerings get big discounts. While Corsair seems to be infiltrating almost every aspect of our gaming world, their furniture should see big sales from various third parties as well as from Corsair themselves this November.

As for other furniture, we are not sure that there will be the same big discount on tables and lighting.

Razer Chairs Offers

Razer’s deals usually involve their other hardware, laptops and the like. However, we expect some sort of deal to be made on their various chairs during Black Friday. Those looking for something branded will probably want to take a closer look at the Hello Kitty and Genshin Impact chairs.

Although these are their special editions, we expect the regular versions to get much better discounts, less overhead, and licenses to worry about.

Razer tends to do pretty well with big sales, so if you’re looking for a gaming chair, you should probably keep an eye on them just in case.

Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart are Selling Discounted Gaming Chairs This Black Friday

We decided to combine these three chairs together, as they all have the same habit of placing similar chairs, but different brands, as well as the main three shown above.

Amazon is the worst culprit, but we will definitely go through Best Buy and Walmart with a fine toothbrush to ensure that nothing substandard gets into your home at any moment.

We are also going to use them for our budget options, because although they have many versions of gaming chairs from other manufacturers, there are still some, such as the X-Rocker, that deserve a seat.


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