Black Friday: beware of WhatsApp ‘magic coupons’


The Black Friday season is very good for those who want to save money. Various promotions and offers are available from different stores. It is certainly one of the best times of the year for shopping. However, it is necessary to be careful: it is during this period that many cybercriminals take advantage to apply scams.

One of the most used methods today is WhatsApp messages with supposed “magic coupons” or “special links” for unmissable offers. This technique is called phishing and can present itself in many ways, in addition to those that were briefly mentioned.

In this article, we will explain how this scam works and generate the alert: this Black Friday, be very careful with the links and coupons you receive through WhatsApp.

What is phishing?

The term refers to a fraudulent attempt to obtain confidential information in the guise of something that the criminal is not. It can take on the appearance of a store, a government entity or even others in order to steal this data for their own benefit.

In possession of this information, cybercriminals often commit crimes related to online shopping or improper transactions, appropriating identities that have been stolen. The most common data that is stolen using this tactic are name (and other personal data), passwords and credit card number.

Just like in a fishery (the term “phishing” means “fishing”), there are several ways to attract the “victim”. Therefore, you need to be careful to prevent this type of tactic and protect your money at any cost.

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