Black Friday 2021: 7 Tips Not To Fall For WhatsApp Scams


With Black Friday 2021 approaching, set for November 26, many consumers are already looking forward to all the offers they will be able to find during the event. However, there are malicious people who are keeping an eye on all the oversights that could happen during this interesting shopping period.

Always keep in mind that you can’t be too careful and that distrusting information from the internet can guarantee your virtual security. It is worth noting that many scams can happen in applications that we are more used to using, such as WhatsApp, one of the messengers most used by the Brazilian population.

Thinking about these aspects, we created a list of tips that will propose a reflection on good security practices. With them, stay alert not to fall for WhatsApp scams on Black Friday. Check out!

1. Check all submitted links

Whenever you receive a link via WhatsApp, be wary of the URL. A good tip is to carefully read all the characters in the link to ensure its reliability. Many scammers create links that are very similar to the real ones, placing almost imperceptible letters in the middle of the words. If you get shortened links, look for sites that extract content to see if it’s worth clicking or not.

2. Check the accuracy of the information

This tip is essential in all aspects, as it brings a series of preventions. Be willing to do in-depth research on the products you want to buy, learn about promotions and find out if they really exist through the companies’ official channels. Using consumer reviews and checking company status on sites like Complain Here can also help.

3. Consult your contacts

Often, the scammers articulate themselves in the midst of contacts to give more truth to the frauds. When you receive any suspicious messages from friends or family, try calling them to find out if it was really sent. Also, if any unknown number pops up on your mailing list, do not provide any specific information, as it is through this oversight that scammers can earn your trust.

4. Do not share personal data

Still considering the previous question, even if this is requested, avoid passing personal data through an application such as WhatsApp. Unless you are sure who you are exchanging information with, avoid sending document numbers and other important details through the platform.

During Black Friday 2021, do not photograph your card to share with friends and family under any circumstances.

5. Be careful with social networks and apps

Often, scammers create profiles on social networks of famous stores to entice consumers to close deals through WhatsApp. By impersonating friendly sellers, they do everything to make you fall for the scam, offering impossible discounts for certain products that don’t even exist. Therefore, during Black Friday, only trust verified store profiles.

6. Use virtual cards for online purchases

One of the features of virtual purchases is the possibility of using a card generated by bank applications. Generally, the security code expires after 5 minutes, ensuring that even if the data is cloned it is impossible to use without internet banking. Use this advantage to your advantage, even if you need to share the numbers via WhatsApp with someone.

7. Watch out for Wi-Fi networks

To close this list of tips to protect yourself during Black Friday 2021, pay attention to digital security, as scammers are always waiting for an opening before they can attack. Unless it’s imperative, avoid using publicly shared Wi-Fi networks as they can have security holes and allow intruders to gain access to your data to perform scams.