Black Friday 2020: electric fryers to keep an eye on


Black Friday is approaching and this is a great opportunity to update the kitchen with an electric fryer. Today, this appliance model is an essential item for those looking for a healthier diet.

If you still don’t know when Black Friday is, this year the event full of special discounts will take place on November 27th. Thus, TecMundo is providing full coverage for everyone to enjoy the full date of promotions.

Thinking about it, we separated seven models that deserve a space in your kitchen. Keep an eye on the price of the electric fryer and don’t miss the chance to have an incredible appliance!

Mondial Oil-Free Electric Fryer, 3.5

The Mondial oil-free Electric Fryer is a great option for couples. With 1500 W of power, it is possible to prepare dishes quickly and conveniently. Among them, several sweet and savory recipes.

Simple to clean, this model comes with a removable non-stick basket with a capacity of 3.5 liters. For greater safety for users, it has an audible timer of up to 60 minutes and an automatic shutdown function.

Arno Delight Air Fryer Oil Free Electric Fryer, 3.5l

Perfect for families with few members, the Arno Electric Fryer stands out for its Hot Air technology. Using a uniform air circulation system, it makes food more tasty and crunchy.

In addition to the non-stick tub, another highlight is the removable 3.5-liter basket compatible with dishwashers. With 1200W of power, it brings a modern design and easy to be accommodated in any space of the kitchen.

Nell Oil-Free Electric Fryer, 6,2l

Despite the compact design, the Nell Electric Fryer is an excellent appliance to buy on Black Friday if you have a large family. With an internal capacity of 6.2 liters, it has a removable basket for easy washing with a capacity of 5 liters.

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For greater safety and ease, the model has a cold handle that avoids the hassle of picking up the hot item after use. Finally, it has a 30 minute timer with audible alarm, automatic shutdown function and 1800W of power.


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