Black Eyed Peas Sued Toy Company Over Singing and Pooping Unicorn


Black Eyed Peas music publisher BMG Rights Management has sued a toy company over alleged similarities between one of their iconic tracks and a track that sings like a unicorn.

The Poopsie Slime Surprise: Dancing Unicorn toy was created by MGA (the company behind Bratz). According to the lawsuit, the toys sing a song called “My Poops” when the heart-shaped navel is pressed. However, this track is allegedly copied from the rap group’s 2005 hit “My Humps”.

The lawsuit (via Reuters) reported on the alleged similarity of melodies, lyrics, chords and other elements of the songs. BMG also said that the vocalist of “My Poops” sounds “very similar” to the lead singer of Black Eyed Peas Fergie.

“My poop, my poop, my poop, my poop. What are you going to do with all this shit, with all this shit,” the toy sings.

“I drive my parents crazy, I do it every day,” he continues. In “My Humps”, Fergie from Black Eyed Peas sings: “I’m driving these brothers crazy, I do it every day.”

BMG stated that the Poopsie Slime Surprise toy line earned MGA tens of millions of dollars, and part of this success is due to “My Poops”, which was also used to advertise the product. MGA apparently also ignored BMG’s termination notices.

BMG demanded compensation from the court in the amount of at least $ 10 million (8.7 million pounds), but declined to comment on the case.

Last year He told NME that he is working on a new album Black Eye Peas. “We have been actively working on it for the last months and continue to record on the road,” he said.

“Being able to tour again was probably one of the best news for us after this pandemic. We love to travel, we love to perform. This is our fuel, our way to find inspiration, still be creative and try new things. After a seven-year hiatus with Black Eyed Peas, we could disappear and never achieve such success again. But we worked hard, tried to reinvent ourselves, teamed up with Latin American artists and pushed it out of our comfort zone. It worked. You should never take anything for granted. You still need to learn,” he added.


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