Black Clover: What real career would each member of the Black Bulls have?


Black Bulls are the best squad of magical knights of the Clover Kingdom in the game Black Clover. Not only is it a squad with the most magical knights of the arcane level, a level so powerful that they can defeat devils, but they are also the most reliable squad overall.

The Clover Kingdom wouldn’t have been able to survive without black bulls, but it’s not the only world where black bulls could succeed. If they were in the real world, they would have a lot of jobs and careers in which they could excel. Let’s look at the professions that best suit each of them.

Original basic Black bulls

Asta could be a great fitness trainer. Asta is a vivid example of achieving amazing results through hard work and spirit. He is one of the most physically fit magical knights in the kingdom and follows a strict physical training regime every day. He inspires others to believe in themselves and go beyond their capabilities.

Noelle’s natural proximity to water, as well as her first significant development on her first visit to the underwater temple, show that she would be a natural for a water-related career. Her high standards and penchant for judging others would make her an ideal water sommelier. A water sommelier is a person who can perceive and distinguish between different types of natural mineral waters.

Like Asta, Yami is in great shape, but he is also a natural leader and surprisingly good at keeping his cool during fights or chaotic situations. The famously harsh Navy Seal training program wouldn’t scare Yami away, and their unconventional fighting style suited him perfectly.

Finral can move himself and others across the continent using his portals. With his skills of transporting other people over vast distances in a short time, he would be most suited to the position of an airline pilot. He certainly wouldn’t mind positive attention.

No wonder Vanessa turns out to be an excellent sommelier. Unlike the water sommelier, the general sommelier is a wine expert who has received a classical education in the field of wine. They usually manage the range of wines in restaurants and inform restaurant owners using their in-depth knowledge.

Many considered Magnu a “Yankee” Black Bulls, he could have knocked him out of the park like one of the New York Yankees or any other baseball team, for that matter. His surname is literally “swing” and he often uses his fire magic to shoot fireballs at his opponents. Luck loves to fight, and he will do it in full force, like an MMA fighter. Because of the size of the Varnish, it is likely to be featherweight, which is slightly less than light. His speed, passion for fighting and complete lack of fear allowed him to quickly win the championship belt.

Charmie’s penchant for cooking mouth-watering dishes would have made her a world-famous chef, who even Gordon Ramsay would have been impressed with. Knowing Charmy, she also spent her free time making “mukbang” videos for social media fans. For those who don’t know, mukbang video is a live food show in which a person eats a large amount of food in front of the camera. As strange as it may sound, this genre of social networks has become especially popular in the last few years.

Black Bulls

Gordon would make a good toxicologist. With his knowledge of poisons and herbs, as well as his magical abilities, Gordon has a natural penchant for toxicology. While his family had been studying various methods of death and death curses for centuries, Gordon wanted to instead use his family’s experience to study treatments and cures. Gauche could have followed many career paths, but his love for his sister was ahead of any of them. He will succeed as the author of children’s books based on the daily adventures of his younger sister, similar to the stories of Madeleine or Anne of Green Gables.

Gray easily becomes shy and is very afraid that others will see her in her true form. This makes it natural for her to transform into others using her transformation magic. Although Gray would not have been able to succeed as an actor on screen due to being the center of attention visually, she could have succeeded as a voice actor.

New Black Bulls

If there is anyone who could work best from home, it would be Henry. Because of his weak body, it is difficult for him to get out of bed, but he will not have to work as a virtual assistant. Secre has always loved helping others and helping them succeed. Secret has proven herself well as a servant of the king, and she could work just as well as an executive assistant to the CEO of a start-up company.

Zora deeply hates the nobles and the inequality they continue to maintain towards the commoners. He also cares for poor or disadvantaged communities and individuals. This would make him a successful social worker.


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