Black Clover: Secret Magicians, explanation


Senen and magic in anime usually go hand in hand. Even if magic isn’t necessarily the traditional form of magic that one would expect from similar fantasy games like Skyrim or magic series like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, many forms of combat systems in anime depend on one type of magic or another.

Then there are shows like Black Clover, where they call it magic and present themselves quite clearly to the audience. Black Clover has one of the most complete magic systems that can be seen in anime over the past few years. One of the most mysterious stages of magic in the series is the stage of secret magic, but what are secret magicians and how do they differ from other magicians in the series?

Black Clover Magic System

The magic system in Black Clover is relatively simple. In this world, magic is, in fact, the user’s ability to manipulate himself or any aspect of the surrounding world with the help of supernatural energy called mana. They mostly use spells from their grimoires for case magic. So, this is a pretty standard fare when it comes to magic in fiction. Almost everyone in the world has some degree of magical abilities, and the stronger a person is, the more respect, resources and opportunities they receive.

The Kingdom of the Heart classified magic into different levels, called stages of magic. After the Clover Kingdom merged with the Heart Kingdom, they followed their example and started using this classification system. These stages are ranked from the ninth stage, the lowest, to the zero stage, the highest. Except for two stages that don’t exactly fit into this list of levels: the mystical stage and the holy stage.

Who are secret magicians?

The stage of arcane magic can be considered separately from the stages of magic, since it mainly refers to how unique magic is. Users who wield magic that defies the standard rules of magic in Black Clover fall into this category. It may seem that everyone and their mother may be secret magicians, but this is not as common as it seems. Many forms of magic in Black Clover fit into standard conventions, even more seemingly unusual forms of magic, such as trap magic or spatial magic. Arcane magic level mages possess power that cannot be evaluated in the standard magic level list, as power levels are too difficult to quantify compared to other forms of magic.

Another key factor of arcane stage magic is that it is particularly effective in fighting devils and defeating them. In the battle with the devil Zagred, the Clover Kingdom defeats him only thanks to the joint work of three famous secret stage magicians, but more on that later. They use abilities more powerful and unconventional than anyone else fighting the devil. The inherent weakness that devils face when battling arcane stage magicians is part of why these magicians are so important to Black Clover’s story. They became more and more important as the plot progressed, and the devils became a more prominent center of conflict.


Based on the prerequisites for becoming a secret magician, viewers will not be surprised to learn that Asta, Yami, William Vanjans and Julius use magic at this stage. Although in the case of Asta, everything is a little different, because instead of magic, he uses demonic power. It may be magic, but the world of Black Clover believes that this is not the case, since the power comes from the demon inside his grimoire, and not from mana. Viewers may be surprised to learn that there are other secret magicians featured in the anime series. Let’s take a quick look at some of the Black Clover’s secret stage magicians.

Asta is practically a model of secret magic. Although he is naturally not one of the most powerful magicians in the Kingdom of Clover, his antimagic power acts specifically against literally everyone in the series. Honestly, who in this series doesn’t have a weakness for Asta? This does not mean that he can defeat anyone in a one-on-one battle, but simply his strength allows him to directly resist almost any magic directed at him, if he is fast enough.

Like Asta, Yami is one of the main swordsmen in the series, and he uses his dark magic abilities to create and control the darkness itself. This allows him to absorb other forms of magic in the dark. His dark magic can even dissect space itself, cutting through dimensions.

Julius is one of the most famous secret magicians. His basic magic allows him to control time, which no one else in the world of Black Clover can do. As strange as this magic may sound, he mostly applies it directly to himself, and when he applies it to others, it is usually to heal wounds or contain them in stasis fields.

William Vanjans is another powerful magic user who turned out to be a secret magician. Vance possesses the magic of the world tree, which allows him to create world trees and manipulate them. These huge trees can absorb an insane amount of mana in an area, stop enemy attacks and trap enemies.


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