Black Clover Reminds Shonen Jump Why Action Manga Still Needs Romance


Warning! Black Clover 332 spoilers ahead!

There are quite a few important gems in the long-awaited return of Black Clover to Shonen Jump, which many readers have been waiting for for a long time. So it definitely suggests that the best moments are fueled by romance, proving how much another Shonen Jump manga would benefit from incorporating these romantic elements.

Romance eludes most Shonen Jump titles, and many of these stories that have gone on hiatus will never waste precious space on this topic in their chapter on comeback. After a month-long break, most of One Piece 1054 introduced a brand new enemy that immediately starts attacking the poor residents of Vano after just getting rid of Kaido. Even in the return of “The Blue Exorcist” there was no romance after almost a year of no new chapters, although this happened because Rin and Shiemi are in completely different places.

But in Yuki Tabata’s “Black Clover 332”, three main points are imbued with romantic elements. Mimosa and Noel separately worry about their feelings for Asta, but get closer to watch Asta propose to her sister Lily for the last time, but is rejected. Meanwhile, Yami finally finds out that Charlotte loves him romantically, and begins to explain why Charlotte behaved the way she has for years.

These moments trumped some of the chapter’s other high-profile statements, including the moment when Asta is recognized at an important ceremony, a confusing opening scene that gives the impression that somehow there are two Luciferos, and a cliffhanger when the next big villain just appears behind Asta. The scenes with Mimosa and Noelle, while charming, continue to haunt fans who are invested in both characters, as only one of them may ever end up with their shared love interest, Asta. They also remind fans of the moment of Noelle’s growth and self-awareness when she finally admitted that she had feelings for Asta. For the first time in months, readers finally see her struggling with this new information about herself. For the next big pair of Black Clover, Yami finally having to put two and two together about Charlotte is almost as important as Asta finding out about Noelle and Mimosa’s feelings for him. For those who watched Charlotte try so desperately to keep her true feelings a secret from him, it’s surreal to now watch Yami sitting alone as he determines what the moments with Charlotte really meant to her. Meanwhile, Asta’s obsession with Lily’s sister has been present in the story from the very beginning, so the fact that this will be his last proposal really is the end of an era.

While the non-romantic moments in chapter 332 of “Black Clover” were large-scale in their own way, none of them can compare to the real romance that took place there. The scenes showing what could have been Lucifero’s second heart, and the appearance of Lucius Zogratis behind Asta’s back, are breathtaking, but their meaning does not go so far back in time to truly capture readers. And the Asta ceremony, while significant, just reminds fans that one of the greatest conflicts in manga is over. Now he has to fight only with villains, not with them and allies who didn’t respect him, because now all these supposed good guys respect. Romance should remain in all Shonen Jump games, just like in Black Clover.


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