Black Boxes In Horizon Forbidden West: Where To Find Them All


Horizon Forbidden West: We help you find all the Black Boxes available in Horizon Forbidden West as well as telling you the method to get to them and their usefulness. In Horizon Forbidden West we find various collectibles available, some more useful than others. In this piece of our complete guide we help you find all the black boxes (12 in total) to obtain the weapon “The wings of the ten” and the very useful legendary materials to improve our equipment and weapons.

All Black Boxes and where to find them

Nobody’s Land: near a nearby shelter and in the middle of some reddish dunes with mountains, we go up until we see a collapsed building and inside, after forcing the door, we find the first black box.
Las Cumbres de la Guardia Blanca: in this case we will find a mountain to climb and on top of that a wooden platform awaits us through which we can advance until we pass behind a waterfall and continue climbing. There, when we reach the top (we can also fly with the sunwing in a simple way), we see some ancient remains that we open with the help of the hook to reveal the black box hidden under the rubble.
Sima Escarpada: here we have to dive, so we need the vent. We simply swim until we force a door and at the bottom of the place is the box emitting signals.
The Promontory: this one is easy, since we simply advance to the remains of a downed plane and to open the door we pick up the energy cell that is in the area (on the right hand side), we insert it into the console and, once inside, we hit the metal flower to remove the vines and find the box there.
Bleeding Mark: In the snowy mountains that we can easily reach with the help of the sunwing, we find a downed plane. We enter his cabin forcing the door and pick up the box. So easy.