Black Adam’s Biggest Flaw May Actually Kill Him In DC Comics


Warning: Contains spoilers for Black Adam #2!

Arrogance is one of Black Adam’s biggest character flaws, and it could be his undoing. The monarch of Kandak and Shazam’s sometime enemy dies, and in Black Adam #2, when his “successor” tries to provide him with potentially life-saving medical care, readers learn that Black Adam’s arrogance led to a crucial mistake—the first one. It could cost Adam his life.

A former champion of the wizard Shazam, Black Adam was corrupted by the wizard’s power and banished to the depths of space. Over the years, various creators have redefined Black Adam as a violent antihero and benevolent dictator of the Khandak nation. Now Black Adam is dying, and in the first issue, he chose Malk, a medical student who is apparently a descendant of Adam, as his replacement. Malik would prefer to save Black Adam’s life, but in the second issue he learns that this is impossible — all thanks to Black Adam’s arrogance and arrogance. The issue is written by Priest, illustrated by Rafa Sandoval, colorized by Matt Herms and lettered by Willy Schubert.

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Black Adam has contracted a disease that is killing him, and after the battle with Darkseid, he is even more worn out. Malik finds Adam in his room, dying on his bed, accompanied by his “doctors”. Malik requests Adam’s medical record or any other information that could save his life. One of Adam’s doctors is puzzled by Malik’s position, asking why “investigate the prophet”, meaning Black Adam. Finally, Malik asks if there is an infirmary in Adam’s palace, and readers learn that in his arrogance Adam never arranged it, considering it unnecessary in light of his strength and intelligence. Finally accepting Shazam’s power, Malik teleports Adam to an American hospital, where Adam is pronounced dead.

On this note, the issue ends, leaving readers to wait until next month to see if Black Adam will return from the dead, but it is clear that his arrogance and arrogance led directly to his death. These are the worst qualities of Adam, those that led to his downfall thousands of years ago, and these traits persist to this day. Adam is so confident in himself, so confident in his abilities, that he does not consider a medical institution necessary. Adam’s arrogance would not allow him to realize defeat, so there was no need for the infirmary—a decision that would have cost him his life. Black Adam’s decision to leave the infirmary for his palace while he is waiting in line for it is contrary to his mission as a defender of the Khandak people; since there are no medical facilities in his palace, any of his people injured there will be deprived of vital care.

Black Adam’s arrogance continues to be one of his defining characteristics, which he could not cope with for thousands of years, and, as can be seen from last year’s Future State event, it continues to haunt him in the 853rd century. Now this flaw turned out to be fatal, since it indirectly contributed to the death of Black Adam.


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