Black Adam: The Characters of the Justice Society of America Revealed in New Images


We’ve known for a while that Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam would fight the Justice Society of America in the upcoming Black Adam movie, but now we’re getting an even better idea of what these characters will look like when the movie hits theaters. October 21.

New photos from Vanity Fair allow us to get to know Atom Smasher, Hawkman, Cyclone and Doctor Fate. Based on appearances alone, it may be a daunting task for Black Adam to kill them all, as discussed at Comic-Con in San Diego. You can look at yourself below.

An exciting exclusive look at #BlackAdam from our friends at @VanityFair.

Pierce Brosnan as Dr. Faith in #BlackAdam

In addition to “Black Adam” Johnson, four other members of the Justice Society of America will participate in the upcoming film: Noah Sentineo’s Atom Smasher, Eldis Hodge’s Hawk Man, Pierce Brosnan’s Dr. Faith and Quintess Swindell’s Cyclone. Some of these characters have also appeared in the SDCC 2022 Black Adam trailer, but this is the best look we’ve gotten so far.

The Justice Society of America has deep roots in DC comics, originally debuting in 1941. The on-screen version of the band has already appeared in the TV series Stargirl. You can find out more about this group in our review of the Black Adam Justice Society of America.

It’s now an uncertain time for many DC projects after the Warner Bros. merger. Discovery. The high-profile cancellation of “Batgirl” caused a wave of drama for DC, which led to the appearance of a number of other affected films and series. While “Black Adam” is likely to be a good dunk for the company, it’s unclear how anything fits into DC’s new ten-year plan, since even the previously announced sequel to “Batman” is not true. However, given Black Adam’s obvious connections to the wider DC universe, it seems more than likely that Black Adam could be part of this ten-year plan, as opposed to Batman’s more autonomous nature.

Black Adam: Who’s Who cast

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