Black Adam: Release Date, Cast and Everything Else We Know about Dwayne Johnson’s Movie


In January 2020, Dwayne Johnson announced that he had finally begun the process of preparing for Black Adam. For many years, there has been talk of making a movie based on a popular villain who became an antihero from DC comics, but now the project is finally coming to life. What can we expect from this new comic book movie? When it comes to new projects from a successful wrestler-turned-actor, there’s always a lot of expectation, and this one is especially exciting as he enters the superhero arena for the first time. A lot depends on this movie, but hopefully all expectations will finally pay off with something excellent when the blockbuster hits theaters this fall.

As in all major comic book films, some details about Black Adam are still kept secret, but over time we learned a lot about the project. With that in mind, we’ve compiled this handy guide to keep track of everything we know about the upcoming superhero movie, such as its release date, cast, and future plans.

“Black Adam” will be released on October 21

It was originally planned that the movie “Black Adam” would be released in 2021, but this step was made before anyone at Warner Bros. I found out what impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have on the creation of the film. Since production was moved from fall 2020 to spring 2021, the studio had to temporarily remove the blockbuster from the list of upcoming DC films before scheduling its release for July 2022. However, Warner Bros. postponed the release for several months, and now “Black Adam” is due to be released on October 21, 2022.

Dwayne Johnson will lead the cast of “Black Adam”

As in any ordinary solo film based on comics, the central character in the film will be the one whose name is indicated in the title, but it is unlikely that he is alone in the adventure. In the case of Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson takes center stage, but according to the plot, he will face the first iteration on the big screen of the superhero team known as the Justice Society.

Joining Johnson to the cast of “Black Adam” is a gathering of famous stars and promising talents who will undoubtedly benefit from participating in one of the most anticipated films of the year. Noah Sentineo, who made a name for himself in the movie “To All the Guys I Used to Love,” will play the role of Atom Smasher, also known as Adam Rothstein. Eldis Hodge, who voiced Jon Stewart/Green Lantern in the movie “Green Lantern: Beware of My Power”, will play the role of Carter Hall, better known as the Hawk Man.

Quintessa Swindell, who appeared in Voyagers and the 2019 episode of Euphoria, will appear as Maxine Hankel, also known as Cyclone, in Black Adam. Former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan will appear as Kent Nelson, also known as Dr. Faith, a DC Comics character who will make his feature film debut. Other actors of “Black Adam” include Sarah Shahi (“The Newcomer”), Marwan Kenzari (“The Old Guard”), James Kusati-Moyer (“The Way”), Bodhi Sabongi (“The Main Event”), Mo Amer (“Rami”) and Uli Latukefu. played Dwayne Johnson in the NBC comedy series “Young Rock”.

Black Adam will become an antihero, not a supervillain

Over the years, Black Adam has transformed from one of DC Comics’ supervillains into one of the strongest antiheroes, and the movie version of the character will fall into the second category, not the first, when he appears on the big screen. October 21. Oh, don’t worry, the hierarchy of the DC universe will change (at least in terms of strong characters) with the arrival of the muscular Dwayne Johnson character, but he just won’t be as nefarious in his motives and actions. And, when Johnson revives Black Adam, the path of the antihero seems to be the best path.

Just because Black Adam won’t be a villain this time doesn’t mean he’ll be a “good guy,” as producer Hiram Garcia told CinemaBlend in an interview in July 2018.

What will be the rating of Black Adam?

Although Warner Bros. In the last few years, DC Comics has started releasing R-rated films such as “The Joker,” “Birds of Prey” and “Suicide Squad,” the studio’s latest venture into the superhero world will not follow suit. From the very beginning, there were rumors about the MPAA rating of Black Adam, but given the expectations that Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam will eventually star in a crossover with Zachary Levy’s Shazam, the chances that Dwayne Johnson’s antihero, who received freedom, will receive an R rating have increased. was quite low from the jump.

Hiram Garcia, in a conversation with Collider in July 2021, said that they were not forced to make “Black Adam” a PG-13 film, he and his fellow producers believed that an R rating was not needed, stating:

It will be PG-13, but not because we are forced to be PG-13.