Black Adam Proves That His Healing Factor Is His Most Underrated Power


Warning! Spoilers for Black Adam #1 from DC Comics

There are several heroes with incredible healing abilities, but none of the DC or Marvel universes can compare to what Black Adam is capable of.

Black Adam is a rather unique figure in the DC universe. Technically, he is a villain and the antipode of Shazam, but sometimes he behaves heroically when the Earth is in danger. Superman himself even believes that Black Adam should join the Justice League. He is the self-proclaimed ruler of the small Middle Eastern nation of Kandak. Because of his status as a super-powerful man and politician, he was called to testify before the United States Congress, where he arrogantly ridiculed their attempts to control him.

After the hearing, which took place in “Black Adam No. 1” by Priest and Rafa Sandoval, the human body of Black Adam had a burn on his hands. While his partner was concerned about the injury, Black Adam wasn’t. He knew he could just say “Shazam” to activate his super-powered form and the injury would magically disappear. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a normal injury, and she stayed. But if that were the case, Black Adam’s arm would return to normal, as it has happened many times in the past with ordinary wounds.

Superhuman healing takes many different forms. With Flash’s healing factor, it just means he heals at an accelerated rate. Other heroes, such as Deadpool and Wolverine, have their regenerative abilities so strong that they can recover from almost any fatal injury. But that’s not what Black Adam does. Technically, he doesn’t heal himself. But by activating his magical form, the wound is simply erased from the face of the earth. Any illness or ailments of his human body are simply erased by the activation of his abilities.

Like Shazam, Black Adam often has superior strength, speed, invulnerability, and Superman-like flight. But unlike Superman, Black Adam can return to a human form that gets injured. There is a reason why some believe that Black Adam is actually stronger than Superman. The fact that any of these injuries can be erased by activating his superhuman form shows that Black Adam’s unorthodox healing abilities are often overlooked because he doesn’t usually use them in combat. But as a political figure who must perform certain political tasks, such as testifying before Congress in the United States, Black Adam must accept his human identity. And the ability to heal this human personality, just by saying one word, is an exceptional gift of Black Adam, which should not be overlooked.