Black Adam Is Losing Money at The Box Office, So What Does This Mean For The Planned Rock Franchise?


In the years leading up to Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson actively promoted the film, promising that it would change the balance of power in the DC universe. The film made a splash when it showed the return of Henry Cavill as Superman, but the future of the franchise may now be in question because “Black Adam” did not have the success the film wanted.

“Black Adam” was the number one movie in the country for three consecutive weekends, but it turned out to be a dubious honor as the film grossed less than $400 million worldwide. This may not be the case based on his own, but it is estimated that the production of the film cost almost $200 million, with an additional $80 million spent on marketing, compared to the $100 million that was planned due to the box office influenced by Covid.

Variety reports that Black Adam needed to earn about $600 million just to break even, due to the fact that cinemas have to hold a significant share of ticket sales, and given that the film lacks about $ 387 million, Black Adam is going to end up being a loser. money. The film will make some money on digital and Blu-ray sales, as well as on television licenses, but it is expected that these figures will not bring the film a profit.

This certainly calls into question what we thought was true, namely what the future holds for Black Adam in the DCEU. The film gave us the setup to continue, and maybe even more, but who knows if any of this will move forward.

How Black Adam Created the Sequel

The biggest news coming from Black Adam had little to do with Black Adam, they were all about Superman. A scene in the middle credits of the film showed Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis, turning to Black Adam to warn him not to create too many problems. She promised that if he did, she would find someone who could stop him, after which Henry Cavill appeared and Superman introduced himself to Black Adam.

Everything Dwayne Johnson said before and after the release of “Black Adam” implied that we would see Black Adam go up against Superman. On top of that, there’s an expected battle between Black Adam and Shazam, which many thought was in the cards as the two characters were sworn enemies in the comics.

On paper, when the biggest movie star in the world plays an antihero from comics, it seemed like an easy box office win, but now it seems that this is not the case. And with so many other big changes happening at Warner Bros, and especially at DC, it will be interesting to see where the films decide to move on. Will they include Black Adam, or will they just move on?


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