Black Adam Had a Special Support That Only Stone Was Allowed to Use


Being on the set of a superhero blockbuster can be like standing in the epicenter of a hurricane. There may be moments of calm where you are planted, but there are probably whirlwinds of activity around you, so monitoring what is happening should be very chaotic. That’s why directors have assistant directors, and producers have assistants who help keep the ship afloat while production moves forward. And, apparently, on the set of the upcoming DC movie “Black Adam,” in which Dwayne Johnson plays the title role, there was an unspoken rule that one prop on set-no matter how chaotic the events were—could only be reserved for the Rock. And as soon as you understand what it is, the rule will make full sense.

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There is one very famous sketch of the DC villain Black Adam, which became even more popular when the character was introduced to the world in this upcoming blockbuster. It depicts Black Adam, collapsed on the throne, inspecting his kingdom and probably choosing where to strike the next blow. It looks like this:

Black Adam does not recreate this moment completely, but there is a place in the film where this frame is definitely paid homage. So when we had a moment to sit down and talk about making the film with director Jaume Collet-Serra, I asked him about that day on set and learned something special about the throne of Black Adam. The director told CinemaBlend:

No one sat on that throne except (Johnson). Do you know what I’m talking about? The throne was made. We shot scenes around the throne. No one has ever sat on it. There are no crew members. There were no pictures. This throne is just for him.

That’s part of what makes Dwayne Johnson special. Yes, people could tell Rock that he needs to better emulate classic movie stars if he’s going to get a chance in Hollywood. But the former professional wrestler just overdid it and took his own place, coming up with an antihero from DC comics who is ready to change the landscape of the DC universe moving forward… perhaps by fighting a very famous superhero from DC comics. .


Go back to the throne for a second. Clarifying the moment when he captured this episode, the director of “Black Adam” Jaume Collet-Serra also admired how the Rock knew that this moment would be significant, explaining:

It’s not one take, but we didn’t do too many takes. It was just natural. He knows. This is not something we should be talking about… Dwayne knows the comic and knows the pose, he knows everything. So we just went on camera and he just did it and it was just fantastic.

It worked. The critical response to “Black Adam” has been mostly positive, although we’re not sure how the film is progressing ahead of its release. We haven’t seen a comic book movie in theaters in months, and we have weeks before “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” opens in theaters. Follow the blockbusters about superheroes and all kinds of movies that will be released in 2022 by bookmarking our guide and checking it often.


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