Black Adam Art presents a comic version of the movie villain Sabbuck

The new fan art for Black Adam presents a comic version of the villain Sabbuck. The upcoming DCEU feature film, created by prolific horror director Jaume Collet-Serra, marks the debut of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a superhero. In 2014, Johnson got the role of Black Adam, but a solo film about his antihero was not conceived until 2017. The film about Black Adam was significantly delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the film is now on track for its October release. At the moment, the details of the film’s plot are not entirely clear, although the official trailer for “Black Adam” indicates that the film will focus on the revival of the titled warrior after his illegal imprisonment 5,000 years ago.
In addition to the superhero Johnson, the long-awaited is Black Adam, because he introduces several favorite DC comics characters. First, the Justice Society of America will make its film debut, where Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo, Quintessa Swindell and Pierce Brosnan will play famous members of Hawkman, Atomic Wrecker, Cyclone and Dr. Faith, respectively. It is reported that Sarah Shahi will play the female lead Adrianna Tomaz/Isis, and Marwan Kenzari from “Aladdin” will play the villain. Although it has not been officially confirmed, it is rumored that Kenzari’s villain, Black Adam, will be the demonic beast Sabbuck, who is the super-powered alter ego of bandit Ishmael Gregor. DC has been resolutely reticent about Sabbuck’s involvement with Black Adam, and his intentions and powers also remain a mystery at this point.
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Now, a new piece of art shared by youssef_defenshi represents what Sabbak might look like in Black Adam. The grim image is a version of the antagonist that matches his characterization in the comics. His dark red skin, hairy animal appearance, horns, the symbol of the pentagram of Wicca and muscular physique are all depicted in the artwork. Probably, the interpretation of the enemy by Black Adam will be somewhat similar to the visualization of the artist. Take a look at the fan art below.
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So far, the best look at Sabbuck in “Black Adam” has been shown through the movie’s merchandise: Funko Pop! a vinyl toy, as well as a figurine. In both parts, the Sabbak looks the same as in the picture, although there are some additional details, such as a gold belt, shoulder gear and armbands. Thus, it seems that Black Adam adheres to the original concept of a comic book villain. His origin, however, could have been changed, since the figure of Sabbak indicated that he was a former leader of the interband, and not a Russian mobster, as he was in the comics.
While the fan art perfectly shows how Sabbuck could look in “Black Adam,” fans are still eager to get an official look at the character from the film. This may happen soon, as Black Adam will host his own SDCC panel on the coveted Hall H stage on July 23. Historically, the WB has been releasing key trailers at a fan convention, and since Johnson himself has confirmed that the film will be a surprise, it’s likely that fans will finally be able to catch a glimpse of the villain Kenzari. So far, clips from “Black Adam” have not revealed any significant details of the story, so the debut of the main antagonist in real time is a good way to attract the attention of viewers and start a conversation.