Bizarre Genshin Impact clip shows Kokomi “climbing” a Mountain


In the role-playing game Genshin Impact by miHoYo, strange incidents regularly occur when players explore the vast open landscapes of Inazuma, Mondstadt, Natlan and other places. One Genshin Impact player discovered a strange detail about Kokomi’s Sangonomy, which allows a water character to “climb” a mountain in a unique way.

Reddit user Crafty-Enthusiasm-43 recently posted a clip of Genshin Impact in which they explore what appears to be Inazuma based on its geography. In order for Genshin Impact players to reach Inazuma, they must complete enough in-game challenges to reach adventure level 30 or higher so that they can complete “Immortal God and Eternal Euphemia”. Genshin Impact’s Inazuma is a zone full of mysteries, including the ability of endless lightning to light wet torches in the area and the incessant rain that quickly dissipates upon entering a nearby city.

The video of Genshin Impact by Crafty-Enthusiasm-43 begins with the fact that Kokomi is visually buggy so that the hydropersonage is kneeling head first while they take small steps. Somehow Crafty-Enthusiasm-43 can make Kokomi climb a mountain, unlike other Genshin Impact players who have climbed to great heights using this interesting glitch, due to which the character repeatedly crashes into the structure when it rises. In the Genshin Impact video, Kokomi’s face is almost completely inside the mountain during the ascent, but it ends before Crafty-Enthusiasm-43 manages to reach the top, which may indicate that the character could not have gone too far.

Rare shots of Kokomi in her natural habitat from Genshin_Impact

There are several mountains on the Genshin Impact map, and players can climb them to explore the surrounding landscape without using any maneuvers like those used in the Crafty-Enthusiasm-43 video. There are Genshin Impact collectibles called electrocules that can be found all over the Inazuma map, and some of them are located on the tops of such mountains, which suggests that miHoYo intends for players to overcome some of the massive obstacles. Although it is likely that Kokomi from Genshin Impact is not designed to climb mountains, as she does in the Crafty-Enthusiasm-43 video, it is currently unclear whether it is possible to climb the mountain by alternative methods.

Since the publication of his video Genshin Impact, Crafty-Enthusiasm-43 has reached more than 9,000 fans, who almost completely call Kokomi’s actions “dirty”. Some Genshin Impact players took the opportunity to mention another glitch in the past that caused Kokomi to float through the air and walk on water, although there may be even more such glitches that remain unsolved. One Genshin Impact fan noted the similarities between the Genshin Impact video from Crafty-Enthusiasm-43 and a mythological tale from China in which a carp turns into a dragon, a story that has been referenced in the past by things like Pokemon’s Magikarp.

Genshin Impact is now available for mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is currently in development, the release date has not been confirmed.