BitTorrent destroyed social media with the rise of coin


BitTorrent started to delight coin investors. Cryptocurrency, which has been on the decline for a long time, has started to rise rapidly.


BitTorrent coin, which is in the crypto money market, continues to experience active days. Crypto money, which entered our lives in 2019 using the Tron platform, started to move to delight its owners. The coin, created by BitTorrent, which said hello to the internet in the early 2000s, has been on the rise rapidly.

BitTorrent coin, which increased its value by more than 4 percent in a short time, also managed to be on the agenda in social media. Investors, who have been waiting for such a breakthrough for a long time, carried crypto money to the top of the Twitter agenda.

The increase in BitTorrent was reflected on Twitter

BitTorrent, which opened the market at $ 0.0047, saw 0.0050 levels during the day. However, the crypto money, which has fallen again, welcomes its investors at the level of 0.0050 as of now. The value of this increase is exactly 4.10 percent. The good news that came after the wait shook the social media. This rise, which caused joy, especially on the Twitter agenda, raised the crypto money to the top of the agenda.

On Twitter, where funny posts are also made, investors remain excited for now. However, while some segments wish the rise to continue, the number of cautious comments is quite high. BitTorrent, whose transaction amount has decreased by 12.54 percent in the last 24 hours, seems to come to the fore again after the increase in value.

Combining social media, BitTorrent, as it is known, had a rapid loss of value. While this sharp decline in particular discourages investors, this situation may be close to reversing. While the effects of the positive atmosphere created are wondered, the effects of the gospel coming after a long time may last for a while.

BitTorrent coin, which attracts attention with less transaction fees, can present this situation to investors as a rise. However, the currency created with the TRC-10 smart contract provides faster transfer opportunities compared to giants such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Let’s see if BitTorrent, which aims to consolidate its place in the Altcoin market where it has been in since 2019, can continue its return and rise. We’ll wait and see. If you have invested in this crypto money, do not forget to tell us your views on the subject.