BitMEX CEO firmly clings to $ 100,000 forecast for YFI


BitMEX CEO insists that the target is $ 100,000 for YFI, which came close to $ 44,000 yesterday.

Arthur Hayes, CEO of the crypto derivatives giant BitMEX, reiterated that he believes the popular DeFi token YFI will reach $ 100,000.

YFI will begin trading on Coinbase Pro on September 15th. At the same time, a vote is being held not to print more than 30 thousand YFIs currently in circulation. More than 96 percent of YFI token holders who participated in the vote have already voted in favor, which means that YFI’s token supply will be limited to 30,000 with the vote to be completed in the coming days.

These positive developments have also affected the price in recent days and YFI exceeded 43 thousand dollars yesterday.

On the other hand, according to BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes, this level is far from the limit for YFI yet. Hayes repeated his $ 100,000 claim for YFI.

Trading YFI on Coinbase will begin on September 15 at 19:00 CET, after the transfer process to the stock exchange is completed on September 14.

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