BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes Resigns!


BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes resigned from his post. According to the statement made, the new CEO of the company was Vivien Khoo, BitMEX Operations Director.

In the statement made by BitMEX today, it was reported that manager changes were made. Accordingly, CEO Hayes, a very popular name in the cryptocurrency community, resigned from his post.

What Happened?

After the lawsuit filed by the American Futures and Commodities Commission (CFTC), negative developments started to occur in BitMEX. In the first place, the CTO of the exchange, Samuel Reed, was arrested. BitMEX is basically accused of conducting illegal operations in the US.

New Assignments to BitMEX

After all these developments, BitMEX announced that CEO Arthur Hayes has resigned. Accordingly, the new CEO was Vivien Khoo. Ben Radclyffe, as the commercial director, will have more responsibility for customer relationship management and oversight of financial products.

BitMEX used the following statements in its statement:

“Following the recent legal events in the United States and with the full approval of the founders, changes were made under the leadership of 100x Group, the holding group of HDR Global Trading Limited, the owner and operator of the BitMEX platform. Vivien Khoo, Operations Director of 100x Group, will become interim CEO with additional operational responsibilities. ”

Founders Arthur Hayes and Samuel Reed immediately stepped back from all senior management responsibilities for the respective CEO and CTO roles. His founding friends, Ben Delo, will also not be in managerial positions in the 100x Group. Additionally, Greg Dwyer will take time off from his post of Chief Business Development Officer.

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In the statement made by BitMEX, it was stated that the work will continue:

“Our top leaders in our technology team will continue the daily management of the BitMEX platform, including ongoing efforts to improve the platform’s performance.”


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