BitMex CEO Arthur Hayes Resigns: Who Cope With?


According to the announcement published by BitMEX, the company CEO resigned after the lawsuit filed against Arthur Hayes. Vivien Khoo will assume the interim CEO of the 100x company, which BitMEX is affiliated with.

Bitcoin derivatives exchange BitMEX underwent a change of management following the lawsuit filed against the company in the USA. BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes has been announced as the CEO of the 100x Group following the lawsuit filed against him. During this period, Vivien Khoo, who has been the company’s COO since 2019, was appointed as the CEO of BitMEX.

Management changed after the trial

The Commodity Futures Contracts Commission (CFTC) in the US filed a lawsuit against BitMEX last week. Company founders Arthur Hayes, Samuel Reed and Ben Delo in the case; He was charged with violating KYC / AML laws. US law enforcement agencies arrested one of the company founders, Samuel Reed, after this case.

BitMEX founders left their jobs at the company after the lawsuit was filed against them. According to the statement made by 100x Group, Arthur Hayes has left his duty as CEO and Samuel Reed as CTO. Another founder, Ben Delo’s managerial role in the company was also terminated. It was learned that Greg Dwyer, Business Development Manager, who was sued together with the company founders, was on leave.

Daily transactions continue in their normal course

According to the statement made by the BitMEX team, the daily operations of the exchange will continue in their normal course. These operations will be carried out by the technological staff of the company as usual. Meanwhile, Ben Radclyffe, who is responsible for the company’s customer relations, will now take a more active role in corporate relations.

David Wong, chairman of the 100x Group, which BitMEX is affiliated with, announced that the company will continue to “serve at the highest standards”. Explaining that they will continue to grow and develop as 100x Group, Wong announced that the User Verification Program within the exchange is also in the development phase. The reason why a lawsuit was filed against stock exchange managers was that this program was not implemented well enough.


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