BitMEX Announces: Coins SAFU!


BitMEX, one of the largest exchanges in the derivative market, announced that the money in the stock market is safe.

Update (16:33): BitMEX made a new statement a few minutes ago and announced that the withdrawal transactions on the stock exchange could be opened around 18:00 CET.

BitMEX issued an announcement around 3pm today and announced that the stock market had collapsed. BitMEX users were unable to trade for a while, and beyond that, they could not even access the site.

There was an intense reaction from the cryptocurrency community to BitMEX. Names like Scott Melker began to say that this could be a second March 12 case. On this date, BitMEX collapsed for a short time, but during this ‘short period’ Bitcoin price had lost thousands of dollars.

The names we know from the local community, like Wolfe, also criticized BitMEX supporters and made it clear that they took a stand against BitMEX.

Coins Safe
The BitMEX team released a new announcement almost an hour after announcing the stock market crash. According to the statement of the stock market management, no position will be liquidated during the period when the stock market is closed and everyone’s money will be protected.

According to the stock market’s statements, when the transactions are reopened, investors will have a chance to cancel their old positions. BitMEX tries to compensate for these tense moments that it gives investors this way, but people are not very happy with this attitude of the stock market.

Many users on social media say they will stop using BitMEX after this incident and criticize BitMEX in many ways. BitMEX, now collapsing after March 12; He’s having a really hard time with PR.


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