Bitly: how to shorten URL’s with the tool?


Bitly is one of the most famous tools for shortening web page addresses. The free platform makes life easier for many users by turning long URL’s into smaller, simpler links to share.

Therefore, it is important to know some features that can be useful on several occasions. Next, find out more about what Bitly is and some free options available on the platform.

What is a URL shortener?

Before going any deeper, you need to explain what URL is. Simply put, it is the “full address” of a page on the internet using the HTTP protocol. However, sometimes this information is too big and full of characters.

With this, the function of URL shorteners like Bitly is to make that address shorter and simpler. On average, the tool creates a link with up to 14 characters – eliminating dots, bars and other signs that can confuse the user.

What are the benefits of shortening a URL?

The first advantage of shortening a URL is to make the link more compact and “friendly”. This is also important for publications on social networks with a limited number of characters. For example, Twitter has a limit of 280 characters.

Certain URL shorteners like Bitly also have a statistics panel. With this, it is possible to monitor the number of accesses through the links that were generated by the tool.

This data is essential for professionals who work with social media marketing. Thus, they are able to monitor the level of engagement and devise strategies for the next campaigns.

To access this information using Bitly, the user must have a free account on the platform. This registration is simple and can be done with any email account or GMail.


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