BitLife: How to pass the Polymath Challenge


BitLife’s Polymath Challenge requires players to have a diverse skill set, as well as maintain multiple relationships and work in two different jobs. Although at first glance these tasks may seem a little complicated, in fact, it’s not that difficult to complete them all. This guide is intended to introduce players to the process of solving the Polymath Challenge in BitLife and help them get their mysterious prize.

BitLife: Passing the Polymath Challenge

The first step to completing the Polymath Challenge is to create a character that is well suited for this task. In particular, the character must have at least 70% of health, happiness, intelligence and appearance, and he must also be born with a special talent “Music”. While it’s certainly possible to complete this BitLife challenge with a character who doesn’t achieve those initial goals, starting with a solid foundation makes things a little easier.

After creating a character, players must reach the age of 6, and then start taking lessons on as many musical instruments as possible. This is done in the Mind and Body section of the Actions tab, and the character must be allowed to use at least two tools in his youth. After a BitLife player has secured their initial tools, they must take three lessons on each of them each year in order to master them by the time they graduate from high school.

During this early period of the character’s life, fans should also focus on making friends with any classmate with whom they have a good relationship. This can be done by clicking a classmate in the class list and selecting the “Make Friends” option, and players must continue to make friends in high school. Fans should then improve their relationship with these friends by clicking “Spend Time with Everyone” at the bottom of the Relationships tab, and doing this every year should be enough to achieve the perfect relationship status.

Now the players have to turn 18, and by that time they have to do a few things. First, find a job, and fans should just pay enough attention to their BitLife career to keep it for 20 years. Players should also choose more tools to learn and take three lessons on them each year until they are mastered. It should be noted that fans should not be afraid to abandon the tool and try another one at this stage if they do not get a significant improvement in skills through lessons.

Players can also complete their martial arts training in early adulthood through the Mind and Body section of the Actions tab. This is perhaps the simplest of the Polymath Challenge tasks, as it simply requires fans of life simulation games to choose two martial arts disciplines and repeatedly take lessons in them until they receive higher belts.

Now there should be only two tasks that remain unfinished. The first is to spend 20 years in two different careers, and players can solve this problem by simply switching to a new job after they have worked their first job during that time period. The second task is to have 100% health, happiness, intelligence and appearance, and fans can use these actions to enhance these characteristics as needed:

Health: Go to the gym, walk, choose a healthy diet, avoid drugs and alcohol. Happiness: Meditate in BitLife, maintain relationships. Mind: read books, visit the library. Operation

BitLife is available on Android and iOS.


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