Bitfinex 87 Removes Crypto Currency from Platform


Bitfinex, which has the same management as Tether (USDT) and is also one of the leading crypto exchanges, maintains the delist wind.

Bitfinex announced that it will remove 47 crypto trading pairs from the platform earlier this month, and added 87 new pairs to them before the month ends. In the statement made by Bitfinex, it was stated that the said delists were made due to lack of liquidity and low volume.

Investors’ market orders including the following crypto currency pairs will be automatically canceled on March 26, after which the order cannot be entered.

The transaction pairs delisted are listed as follows:

Those with Bitcoin and Ethereum parity: Dether (DTH / BTC), (DTH / ETH); DATA (DTA / BTC), (DTA / ETH); Bancor (BNT / BTC), (BNT / ETH); SingularityNET (AGI / BTC), (AGI / ETH); Request (REQ / BTC), (REQ / ETH); WePower (WPR / BTC), (WPR / ETH); UTRUST (UTK / BTC), (UTK / ETH); SingularDTV (SNG / BTC), (SNG / ETH); Ripio Credit Network (RCN / BTC), (RCN / ETH); Polymath (POY / BTC), (POY / ETH); Raiden Network (RDN / BTC), (RDN / ETH); Storj (STJ / BTC), (STJ / ETH); QASH (QSH / BTC), (QSH / ETH); Zillinqa (ZIL / BTC), (ZIL / ETH); SpankChain (SPK / BTC), (SPK / ETH); WAX (WAX / BTC), (WAX / ETH); 0chain (ZCN / BTC), (ZCN / ETH); Aventus (AVT / BTC), (AVT / BTC).

Only those with Ethereum parity: Dragonchain (DRN / ETH), Monolith (TKN / ETH), Essentia (ESS / ETH), Hydro Protocol (HOT / ETH), Content Neutrality Network (CNN / ETH), MobileGO (MGO / ETH) , Melon (MLN / ETH), Rate3 (RTE / ETH), YOYOW (YYW / ETH), POA Network (POA / ETH), Waltonchain (WTC / ETH), ABYSS (ABS / ETH), Medicalchain (MTN / ETH) , CommerceBlock (CBT / ETH), Sentient Coin (SEN / ETH), iExec (RLC / ETH), Ether Kingdoms Token (IMP / ETH), ORS Group (ORS / ETH), Enjin Coin (ENJ / ETH), Internet Node Token (INT / ETH), AirSwap (AST / ETH), Edge (DADI / ETH), Xriba (XRA / ETH), VeChain (VET / ETH), Loopring (LRC / ETH), Aion (AIO / ETH), BLOCKv (VEE / ETH),, Kyber Network (KNC / ETH), Swarm (SWM / ETH), Gnosis (GNO / ETH), Decentraland (MANA / ETH), Qtum (QTM / ETH), Upfiring (UFR / ETH).

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Only those with Bitcoin parity: Cortex (CTX / BTC), Fusion (FSN / BTC), Mithril (MITH / BTC), Aelf (ELF / BTC), Seer (SEE / BTC), Project Pai (PAI / BTC), Cindicator (CND / BTC), Recovery Right Token (RRT / BTC), Auctus (AUC / BTC), FunFair (FUN / BTC).

Those with tether parity: Gatechain Token (GTX / USDt), ZB Token (ZB / USDt), Dragon Token (DT / USDt).

Those with euro parity: Verge (XVG / EUR).

Those with a sterling parity: Verge (XVG / GBP).

Those with verge parity: Wollo (WLO / XLM).


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