Bitcoin’s price is now $ 17,000: What are analysts saying?


Bitcoin, which has continued its upward trend for weeks, has exceeded $ 17 thousand today. What are analysts and experts saying about Bitcoin’s rising price?

Bitcoin, which has been rising steadily for weeks, has exceeded $ 17,000 today. The largest crypto money with market value saw 17 thousand 73 dollars at 15.02 TSI. The price is 17 thousand 11 dollars as of the date of publication of the news at 15.13.

It was predicted that $ 16,000 levels could create resistance in Bitcoin. It is stated that the next target for the crypto money, which has been around 16 thousand dollars for about two weeks, is 20 thousand dollars.

Bitcoin moves firmly to $ 20K

Bloomberg’s chief commodity strategist Mike McGlone said in a review last week that Bitcoin is firmly on the road to $ 20,000. “Bitcoin could experience a parabolic rise in 2021, as in 2013 and 2017,” McGlone said. If there is no unexpected development in the world, I expect this story to happen. Potential levels ahead are new peaks. “With the supply-demand issue, the rapid increase in adoption, I think time is all it takes for the rise.”

20 thousand dollars in 6 months

Another analyst, Jason Deane of Quantum Economics, thinks the same as McGlone. “20 thousand dollars is a realistic figure in my opinion and I believe it will happen in 6 months,” says Deane.

After exceeding 17 thousand we can discuss new peaks

Finally, IS Investment International Markets Manager Şant Manukyan said in his assessment yesterday, “17,000 levels are an important level. I do not think that those who bought at levels close to 20 thousand dollars before will start selling when the price reaches this point again and create pressure on the price. The Bitcoin investor is not such an investor. After exceeding 17 thousand, we can discuss new peaks. […] Bitcoin has started to steal from the gold market, I think it will start and this will accelerate even more. ” used the expressions.

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