Bitcoin**18 April 202- Is it Normal for Bitcoin to Lose $ 9000 in 12 Hours?


Bitcoin, one of the most unstable and most active currencies in the industry, lost $ 9000 to $ 51,541. If you ask the investors, of course it is not normal and even annoying. The direct listing of coinbase is shown for the cause of this collapse, but we would like to remind you that it is completely perception operation and not closely related to the subject.

Peter Schiff, who closely follows cryptocurrencies and makes frequent statements about the issue, said:

There were those who said CoinbaseIPO would add value to Bitcoin and I laughed at them. This is not a turning point, on the contrary, it could even be the beginning of his death. In the near future you will better understand what I mean and each one of you will agree with me.

Big Decline Has Been Experienced in the Last 3 Days

Based on the last 3 days, we can clearly see how big the decline has been. This process, which started with a decrease of 19%, immediately continued with 14%. Although it seems that the balance has been achieved with small increases, unfortunately, it does not give the title of being the most unstable asset of the sector. Bitcoin is currently one of the most investor-attracting assets in the market and although it has a high risk, it does not lose this title to anyone.

But is bitcoin still the right investment tool? If you had bought Bitcoin on the first day of its release, you could be one of the few richest people right now. But it is not easy to predict this. Buying bitcoin while it is currently at the historical record level and at this level will be a huge frenzy.

The decline continues to make investors nervous, but of course it appears as an added value in order to determine the appropriate level for those who will start this business. What will happen in the near future is unknown, but the fact that it is the largest on the market should be reminded again and again, and we believe that it will further strengthen its position as the currency of the future.


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