Bitcoin Whale Spotted After Mine Update


A Bitcoin (BTC) whale sent almost 8,000 Bitcoins to an unknown wallet after the mining difficulty update and ahead of the presidential election in the US. The value of this transaction, where exactly 7 thousand 749 BTCs were transferred, corresponds to $ 104.3 million.

Bitcoin (BTC) price dropped to 13,200 dollars yesterday, with the news from Hong Kong; While “caught in between” due to the presidential election in the USA, a Bitcoin whale made a large-scale transaction. According to information shared by Whale Alert, $ 104 million worth of BTC was transferred between two unknown wallets.

It passed the 100 million threshold

The bot named Whale Alert, which monitors the massive crypto money transactions, shared information about a transaction containing almost 8 thousand Bitcoins in the afternoon today. This transaction took place between two unknown wallets.

Due to the anonymous nature of Bitcoin addresses, it is not known whether this address belongs to a single Bitcoin investor, a large company, or an undetected stock exchange. What is known for now is that the transaction exited at address 1Kpete71ovXbYT9uZYU7uKg5vEXoLZ49Uv. This address, which has only been used in three transactions so far, made its first transaction on October 22nd. The second address, to which this address sent almost 8 thousand Bitcoins, has just made its first transaction.

Blockchain data showed that the transaction between these two unknown wallets used anonymously was made at a cost of $ 8.75.

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What is the social media reaction?

Some cryptocurrency followers on social media think this transaction may be related to Chinese miners. One name, who said that panic prevailed in the market to a certain extent, suggested that miners were trying to dump the Bitcoins they have mined so far.

Although it is not possible to verify these claims, it is known that Bitcoin miners are experiencing a historical event today. At around 11:30 today, the mining difficulty in the Bitcoin network was updated and the difficulty level decreased by 16 percent. This was the second biggest drop in Bitcoin history. Record; It broke when the difficulty level dropped by 18 percent in 2011.


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