Bitcoin Whale Speaks About Ghost Money


A famous Bitcoin whale, known for placing bold bets on the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange, is back. The trader, known as Joe007, deleted his Twitter account on May 8th and said the whole promotion was damaging his commercial strategies. Joe00 played against Bitcoin in April 2007 and lost the best cryptocurrency as it could not retreat. It closed the month by 36 percent. While BTC is currently retreating from the last $ 10,000 level, Joe is back with an article about Bitfinex Pulse. Joe also spoke about Satoshi’s claim that his money was moving and called them fictitious money.

Joe said that this withdrawal proved his claim that the markets were bloated. Joe also believes that fear is triggered in markets as Satoshi’s BTCs take action.

Ghost Coins of Satoshi
According to Joe, this only extends to the inflation of cryptocurrency markets after halving and the inflation stories (which do not exist). So there are many random reasons to justify a delayed return.

For weeks, Joe called it “fictitious money” in crypto markets, and says that manipulative trading tactics such as fraud play a major role in pushing the market higher than real, sustainable volume. Although it keeps the expectations of Bitcoin down in the short term, it believes in its long term potential.

Joe says:

“Bitcoin is much more than just a currency. A completely new social technology: an unpolitical, unbearable money. I expect humanity to accelerate its transition to a completely new economic and social order that will slowly emerge over time. “


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