Bitcoin Wealth of MicroStrategy Founder Saylor!


MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor made a statement about his Bitcoin (BTC) fortune. In his statement on Twitter, Saylor personally said that he has 17 thousand 732 Bitcoins.

Among the companies that invest in Bitcoin and make it profitable is MicroStrategy, of which Michael Saylor is the CEO. Saylor has broken the mystery of how much Bitcoin he has personally. MicroStrategy founder Saylor, while making a statement about his fortune, said that he had 17,732 Bitcoins. The wealth of Saylor, which holds about 18 thousand Bitcoins, is more clearly understood when it is converted into dollars.

Bitcoin fortune is about 235 thousand dollars!

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor also explained how much he bought Bitcoins on time in his statement on his Twitter account. Accordingly, Saylor spent an average of $ 9,882 for each Bitcoin.

Michael Saylor, who paid roughly $ 9,800 per 1 Bitcoin, has paid an average of $ 173 million in the past for 17,732 Bitcoins. If we take Bitcoin as 13,300 at the moment, Saylor had to pay approximately $ 235 million today for 17,732 bitcoins. In summary, Saylor currently has $ 235 million in Bitcoin, and the investor’s profit is about $ 62 million when calculated.

“I also recommended it to my company”

Apart from that, Saylor also made a statement regarding MicroStrategy in his tweet. Saylor stated in his statement that he gave this advice to the company before considering buying Bitcoin for himself.

The company shared that with its Bitcoin investment, it has made a full $ 100 million profit in just the last few months. With the Bitcoin price rising above $ 13,700, both Michael Saylor and his company MicroStrategy made high gains.

Saylor is among those who have criticized Bitcoin in the past but later supported it. According to the information provided by Saylor, Bitcoin is the company’s current primary treasury asset.


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