Bitcoin wallet manufacturers clarify hacking claim


Major cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturers have announced that hacking claims do not reflect the truth, and the data on sale do not match the actual data.

The day before, it was stated that the information of over 80 thousand customers of the largest cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturers Ledger, Trezor and KeepKey were seized and offered for sale.

The companies reported that they started to investigate the subject by alarming quickly and it was announced that the information allegedly stolen in the first determinations did not match the actual information.

Today, a detailed second statement came from Ledger and Trezor.

“An unknown hacker on Sunday claimed that Ledger, Trezor, and KeepKey have taken over databases from e-commerce platforms,” ​​Ledger said in a statement. As a result of a comprehensive review by our security team, we can confirm that this data does not match those in our database. ” The statement said.

In the continuation of the statement, it was noted that this is an attempt to disrupt Ledger’s reputation. In addition, the following strong evidence was presented that the claim was false:

“The hacker claims that Ledger customers have captured their information using a Shopify vulnerability in 2016. Although Ledger is currently using Shopify, it was not in 2016. ”

“The content and structure of leaked data do not match Ledger’s data.”

“The Shopify e-commerce system was unable to detect traces of malicious attacks or suspicious activity.”

On the other hand, the statement made by Trezor emphasized that this is a false claim. Trezor reported that the data on sale were thoroughly analyzed and did not match the customer records in the e-shop. The company also highlighted that they have not worked with Shopify in the past and today.

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