Bitcoin Wallet Hack Claim For Ledger


The past week has been very difficult for the Bitcoin wallet Ledger and its users. Details of the hacking scandal started to emerge. According to a Twitter user, the stolen information was sold and scams began. It is claimed that more than 1 million people can be affected by the negativities experienced.

Electronic cryptocurrency wallet maker Ledger was shaken by allegations of fraud last month. Users with a Ledger device started to receive some messages via message or e-mail. In a number of messages that appear to come from Ledger from people; They were asked to do an update by entering the specified site, enter their 24-letter recovery code, or download a program due to a security breach.

Yousef, the founder of the site named, which aims to act as an eBay for digital products, shared the details of this attack with the posts he shared on his Twitter account. Yousef suggested that 1 million people may have been affected by this incident.

1 million people’s information was stolen

According to Yousef’s statements, hackers hacked Ledger last July and managed to obtain some important information. The information seized is thought to be the e-mail addresses, name and surname information, full addresses and phone numbers of the users.

According to the information disclosed by Yousef, 1.07 million people were recorded by Ledger. Approximately 272 thousand people purchased the Ledger device directly. The remaining 803 thousand people either signed up to the e-mail list alone or bought a device through an intermediary institution or person.

They sold the information for 5 BTC

According to Yousef’s statements, the hackers of Ledger did not know what to do with the information they obtained and decided to sell the information. The data was sold on October 25 for about 5 Bitcoins. Yousef said it was not a coincidence that the scam messages started after this date and he is confident that it was related to this sale.

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Ledger explained what needs to be done

Ledger warned against hackers with a statement he made on his official Twitter account a few days ago. By sharing safety tips that help you avoid fraud with his followers, Ledger invited people to stay alert. It has been announced that they only have two legitimate email addresses (hello @ / noreply @ and that they will only communicate with users from these two email addresses. It was emphasized that a communication via SMS or a phone would not take place.

Ledger asked to pay attention to the URL and e-mails in the messages to be received. It has been announced that the fraudsters continue their activities by imitating the original Ledger extension with changes that are difficult to notice such as “Legder” instead of “Ledger” or with some punctuation marks. Ledger said that if a fraud attempt was witnessed via email, it should be reported and flagged as spam.


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