Bitcoin Wallet Fixes Issue From Electrum Apple


Technology giant Apple has released a new update for the MacOS system it uses in computer systems, but this has negatively affected the Bitcoin (BTC) wallet Electrum software. In a recent post by Electrum, it was announced that the problem was solved.

Apple is a company known for releasing frequent and free software updates to its software, especially for its devices it launches. The giant technology firm has recently released an update for the MacOS operating system it developed for computer products. However, after the newly released update, it was noticed that there were various compatibility problems on Electrum, a Bitcoin wallet software.

Patch move from Electrum officials for Apple problem

Apple has opened the beta version of its Big Sur update to be used on the MacOS system to developers before the end of this summer. However, an issue was noticed by the developers who installed the update that caused the Electrum wallet to work in a corrupt manner. An announcement regarding the problem was later shared on Github, a platform used by developers.

The problem with Electrum, which is a very old and popular Bitcoin wallet software, affected many people due to the use of the software by too many users. While it is known that a patch was being worked on to fix the problem after the emergence of the problem, the good news was shared on Electrum’s official Twitter account on November 18th.

With the announcement shared on Twitter, the following statement was made: “New Electrum update: 4.0.5. Fixes the error that appeared with the MacOS Big Sur update … ”

According to the information obtained, the problem that emerged after the update was related to Apple’s changing its systematic approach to Python, a coding language that Electrum also uses. It is also among the shared details that the developers have reached a solution in the light of examining the old Electrum version using this coding language.

Technology giant Apple recently made a new statement and included the iPhone 5c device, which it launched in 2013, to the “very old” classification. In addition to being an update-friendly company, Apple is known to gradually narrow the range of devices that it provides updates and technical support by putting devices that have not been sold for a long time in this classification.


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