Bitcoin, Tesla and Square: The best investments of 2020?


Without a doubt, Tesla, Square and Bitcoin have been the best investments of the year 2020, as Anthony Pompliano comments in the Tweet of the day.

Nobody in their right mind could declare that 2020 has been a boring year. From the beginning, political, economic and, of course, health events have set the tone in all countries on planet earth. Affecting each person differently, and creating the greatest economic crisis seen since the 1929 Crack. However, in the midst of the Bitcoin crisis, Tesla and Square have continued to grow. Are the best investments of 2020 as Anthony Pompliano insinuates in the Tweet of the day?

Top investments in 2020

It has been a difficult year for everyone, after the Coronavirus pandemic interrupted the rhythm of our societies, ending the plans we had for 2020. Also plunging most of the countries of the world into a complicated economic crisis in the one that we will hardly recover without a vaccine against Covid-19.

However, not all companies have fared badly during this pandemic. Well, especially technology-related companies, have managed to surf the Coronavirus crisis. In some cases reaching a strong increase in their price. What would be the case of Tesla, a company that was quoted today at $ 1,487 per share, from the $ 734 it was worth just six months ago.

But in the crypto world there are also champions of 2020. Thus, Square, the payment company based on Blockchain technology, was trading at the close of today at $ 136.83, from the $ 78 it was six months ago. Becoming one of the most profitable investments.

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Bitcoin ha sido una de las mejores inversiones de 2020. Fuente: CoinDesk

However, the most impressive case remains that of Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency that has made a real jump in its price in recent days, reaching around $ 11,163 per BTC. A great advance from the $ 4,944 that was quoted in mid-March.

“Bitcoin has grown big in 2020. Tesla has grown big in 2020. Square has grown big in 2020.”

With this comment, Anthony Pompliano summarizes the situation in which the financial market finds itself. And especially the one related to technology, which, despite the unfortunate situation in which we find ourselves, has been the winner of 2020.


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