Bitcoin survey: “Even if it goes to zero, we won’t sell!”


According to a survey of more than 20,000 people, the vast majority of Bitcoin investors say “I never keep up to zero” for their Bitcoins.

Plan B, the famous Bitcoin advocate and economist, who is the creator of S2F, the Stock Flow Model and updated this model with S2FX in April, has recently come to the fore with his Twitter account.

Plan B, which does not choose to reveal its identity and is known by the pseudonym Plan B in the industry, said in the latest survey on its Twitter account, “You probably think BTC will rise, but let’s say, you didn’t want it. The BTC price has not risen sharply in the coming years. When would you sell it? ” asked.

The features of the survey were as follows:

BTC <$ 6000
BTC <$ 3000 dollars
BTC <$ 1000
I never hold it to zero

A total of 22,635 people participated in this survey of the famous commentator, and 72 percent chose the option “I never keep up to zero”.

As will be remembered, Plan B updated its famous stock flow model in April and developed the S2FX model by adding gold and silver to its study. Plan B stated that according to this model, BTC predicts that it will reach 288 thousand dollars between 2020 and 2024. This figure was previously 100 thousand dollars.

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