Bitcoin statement from U.S. Congressman


US Congressman Tom Emmer, who participated in the publication of the co-founder of crypto investment company Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano, suggested that Bitcoin will grow stronger.

US Congressman Tom Emmer joined the podcast ‘Pomp’ by Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano and made important evaluations.

Emmer said that Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, when an environment such as an economic crisis caused by the current coronavirus pandemic, and people are looking for new value-keeping tools in such situations in the past, as follows:

“The US government’s support packages at levels not seen before could eventually bring the dollar to devaluation. When we come out of this crisis, Bitcoin will not go anywhere. It will even get stronger. And now, “The Money Controllers,” Brian Brooks says, “Institutions!” Now you can put it in banks. It can now be a house to shelter. Now you can start working with it ‘. This is where we come from. ”

He also defended Bitcoin in Twitter hacking

The point that Emmer mentioned here is that the banks in the USA were allowed to store crypto money, as the crypto world confirmed in a serious way. not centralized control system ”.

Continuing this stance in the podcast, Emmer said, “Look, the problem here is Twitter. They’re doing the job. Not Bitcoin. The security of Twitter was not enough. They came and hacked Twitter. “The bad guys will be everywhere,” he said.

For this reason, the congressman who stated that he did not like the centralized control system, exemplified the Wuhan province of China, where the coronavirus first started to spread:

“The local government there keeps your money on a card. And guess what happened next? If you live in Wuhan, they shut you down in your homes. You couldn’t even go to another city. You couldn’t even go to the market without being told that you can go to the market. What more can I tell you about a centralized control system? ”

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“Libra is a good concept, but is control in one person again?”

When he heard Facebook’s Libra project, “Oh it’s a really nice project, a great concept, but all the control will be in one person, right?” Stating that he said, the economist and philosopher Friedrich Hayek’s example, “The Path to Slavery”, stated that he always has a say in the central system that a person or group has the right to share / share money:

“If you are in this decision-making group, then there is no problem at that moment. However, you will be left out after a while. And then things don’t go the way you want. This is always the case. The result is always bad. It doesn’t matter where and when. ”

Stating that the next stage of modern money systems will occur thanks to the decentralization of Bitcoin, Emmer said, “I do not want the government to settle and dissolve things at the end of the state. It is the crypto space that will ensure this. Now I think we are slowly moving on to the next stage. Will the state play a role at this stage? I think yes… You expect me to say ‘No’ here but I will say ‘Yes’. But this role will not be too great. ” spoke in the form.


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