Bitcoin soars and Hits $50,000 At Its Highest in 3 Months


Last Sunday (22), Bitcoin reached the value of US$ 50 thousand, the biggest increase of the cryptocurrency in three months. According to information from CoinDesk, the currency was being traded for US$ 50,263 thousand (about R$ 269 thousand, in the current conversion) this Monday morning.

After a US tax increase on digital capital gains, the currency declined in June and July, which pushed Bitcoin to $30,000. However, the currency has shown a steady increase.

Some of the reasons that caused the growth were an announcement by Coinbase. Last week, the exchange firm said it would buy $500 million in cryptocurrencies. In addition, PayPal is expected to launch a service aimed at buying and selling digital currencies in the UK, which also excited the market.


In addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum, which underwent major changes recently, was also traded up 2%. In total, the cryptocurrency market reached $2.16 trillion last Sunday, according to information released by Coinmarketcap. The first time the market rose above $2 trillion was in May. Bitcoin alone managed to contribute to the $1 trillion capitalization.


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