Bitcoin scared its investors! Here are the details


Bitcoin, the world’s largest crypto currency, continues to fluctuate. Recently, the investment craze in crypto currencies can make the market nervous as much as it strengthens the market. Especially recently, Elon Musk’s attitude on this issue has been mobilizing the crypto market.

The crypto currency, which adds value to Elon Musk’s Twitter posts, scared its investors as the day started. The crypto currency, which passed the $ 47,000 threshold on Wednesday, February 10, dropped to $ 44,000 levels as it started Thursday.

Bitcoin fell 0.88 percent

Bitcoin, which suddenly declined at midnight, lost 3 thousand dollars in value, making its investors nervous. The crypto currency, which divides investors into two with its instantly changing values, continues its decline on Thursday night and is traded at $ 44,827,000 in the morning.

The crypto currency, which has reached a record level in the last 24 hours, has suddenly declined to 3 thousand dollars, reflected in other sub-coins in the virtual money market.

It is curiously expected how Bitcoin, which affects other crypto currencies with its movement in the market, will continue the day.


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