Bitcoin Fraud Under the Name of SpaceX


According to a post on Reddit, Elon Musk and SpaceX are scams of Bitcoin (BTC) on Youtube.

These publications are made for users who easily believe in this type of sharing, and the money of the users is defrauded in this way. Scams also use Bitcoin addresses and images from the launch of Falcon 9 on their website.

Crypto money fraud, which we frequently encounter on Twitter, has started to increase on Youtube in recent days. Although Youtube is working on some sanctions on this subject, these sanctions are not enough.

Under the name of SpaceX, which continues to be broadcasting at the time of writing, the number of videos of users who fraud has reached the level of 23,200 and continues to increase rapidly; the number of victims is also increasing proportionally.

Ripple Sues Youtube

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse was similarly subjected to the use of the name of fraudsters. Garlinghouse also brought the matter to court on the grounds that the victims received death threats and that Youtube did not take adequate measures on this matter.


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