Bitcoin Reaches Highest Value of Last Three Years


Bitcoin, which reached $ 17,000 after 3 years in the past days, this time managed to reach its highest value in the three-year period. The cryptocurrency has gained more than 160% during this year.

In a news we have conveyed to you this week, we mentioned that the popular crypto currency Bitcoin reached 17 thousand dollars after 3 years. Continuing to increase its value, Bitcoin surpassed another threshold.

The popular cryptocurrency reached its highest value since December 2017, reaching $ 18,766.79. Bitcoin, which gained 17% value this week, reached its highest weekly gain since June 2019. Since the beginning of this year, it has gained more than 160%.

Bitcoin continues to gain in value

Celsius Network CEO Alex Mashinsky said, “Bitcoin today has come to a point where institutional investors, banks and family offices are considering investing in Bitcoin against money devaluation,” said Alex Mashinsky. Devaluation; It is the depreciation of the national currency against foreign exchange in accordance with the policies of the government.

Mashinsky stated that Bitcoin’s rally in 2017 also took place with individual investors. Also LINE Corp. and PayPal, with big players involved in these periods, could expect more stabilization than the balloon that occurred in 2017, and that this is no longer a “gold rush”.

In addition, cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Ripple, acting similarly to Bitcoin, saw an increase of 7.2% and 3% in value, respectively. Of course, Bitcoin, which gains value against the dollar, continues to increase its value against TL.

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