Bitcoin Rally Continues, Price Exceeds $ 8K


Bitcoin Rally Continues, Price Exceeds $ 8K. Leading crypto currency Bitcoin, the rally showed for several days, while the price has risen over $ 8 thousand.

Bitcoin, which caught a 6.5 percent rally in today, makes its investors happy, while the leading crypto currency is currently catching up to $ 8080.

Many analysts say that demand for products such as Bitcoin and gold has increased after recent events around the world, and the tension between the US and Iran is a major reason for the recent increase in Bitcoin.

What’s Next?
Some of the leading analysts in the crypto-currency industry predict that this rally, which Bitcoin catches, will continue even further. According to analysts, it is critical to stay above $ 8,000, if the BTC holds above $ 8,000, the next target will be $ 9500.

As is known, this year is very important for Bitcoin. Because in May, the block award half will take place, which will reduce Bitcoin’s block award from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC. After this event, everyone will be curious about what will happen in terms of price.

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