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Bitcoin Prices by Years. It is a tool that has been the subject of thousands of news since the first day of its emergence, and has been turned into a source of income by thousands of people with Bitcoin news. Some say that Bitcoin hasn’t reached its peak yet, while others claim that Bitcoin will no longer rise. Who knows, how many dollars will Bitcoin be in the future or how many TL will Bitcoin be… Time will tell us.

As you know, there are various ways to get Bitcoin: you either mine Bitcoin, or buy from Bitcoin exchanges or individuals.

Let’s come to Bitcoin Prices over the years.

Bitcoin Prices by Years

We are talking about a crypto money that goes from 0 to 20 thousand dollars. Of course, almost everyone wonders how this exodus came about. How does the bitcoin price change, how is the price of Bitcoin determined? We will talk about this in our following articles. However, now we will present you the prices of Bitcoin by years in the form of a list.

The values ​​are the average of the year. You can find general comments below.

Bitcoin Prices by Years

2009: $ 0
2010: $ 0.06
2011: $ 6.05
2012: $ 8.46
2013: $ 189.54
2014: $ 526.02
2015: $ 272.36
2016: $ 567.27
2017: $ 4,001.16
2018: $ 7,558.21
2019: $ 7,196

As you will see when you look at the list above, it has a different course than the currencies connected to a certain state or central bank. It even saw the 20 thousand dollar level in December 2017. While many people still dream of this level, some say it will never be possible again.

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