Bitcoin Price Will Be One Million Dollars


Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao participated in the Altcoin Daily program and said that the price of Bitcoin would one day be $ 1 million.

Changpeng Zhoa, one of the most famous names in the crypto money world, participated in the publication of the Altcoin Daily the other day and evaluated the developments in the crypto money sector. This almost-hour-long publication talked about how Zhao entered the cryptocurrency industry, developments in the DeFi world, the future of Ethereum, and the current state of the cryptocurrency world.

Zhao also made some statements about the future of Bitcoin during the broadcast. Emphasizing that Bitcoin will continue to grow in the coming years, Zhao also stated that the balances in the crypto money sector may change over time.

Would Bitcoin Become $ 1 Million?

We know that Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao is very hopeful about the future of Bitcoin. He expressed his views openly during the broadcast and said he was “sure” that Bitcoin would be successful.

Saying that the cryptocurrency market is currently very small, especially compared to traditional markets, Zhao thinks that this will change over time and that the cryptocurrency market will grow as it grows. According to his estimates, Bitcoin will continue to be the king of the market in this process and will gain value.

Changpeng Zhao does not think this is a few months. In fact, according to his estimates, it will be necessary to wait 5, maybe 10 years for these predictions to be realized. But Zhao also believes that this wait will bear fruit at some point.

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Answering a question about the Bitcoin price at the end of the broadcast, Zhao said that BTC could one day be $ 1 million. But Zhao did not share much detail about when, how it would happen.

What Will Happen After 10 Years?

One of the most interesting explanations Changpeng Zhao made during the broadcast was about what happens after 10 years. Because Zhao thinks that the crypto money industry will grow in the next 5-10 years and will start to change after a certain period of time.

As Changpeng Zhao points out, Bitcoin currently dominates the cryptocurrency market almost unrivaled. Zhao believes that Bitcoin will continue to dominate the market in the coming years. But Zhao does not neglect to add that this will change over time.

Saying that you should think about crypto money long-term, Zhao points out 20 years or even 100 years from now. Stating that much better and faster cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin can be developed in this process, Zhao states that Bitcoin will be thrown over time. But while Zhao says this, he adds that Bitcoin will not disappear and will still be used.


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