Bitcoin price prediction based on Metcalfe’s Law


Experienced cryptocurrency analyst Timothy Peterson made evaluations about the Bitcoin price. Using the Metcalfe model for price prediction, Peterson said that the largest cryptocurrency will break $ 11,000 in 2 weeks and test $ 12,000 in 2 months. Successful analyst predicted that BTC will be 37 thousand dollars within 2 years.

Timothy Peterson’s tweet:

2 weeks from 11 thousand dollars,
2 months from 12 thousand dollars
2 years away from 37 thousand dollars … ”

Stating that his predictions are based on Metcalfe’s rules, Peterson said they should not be taken as investment advice. Peterson published his research paper “Metcalfe’s Rule for the value of Bitcoin” so that investors can interpret their predictions:

“Bitcoin is modeled as an exchange tool with no real value, traded within a defined electronic network. The value of a network according to Metcalfe’s law; becomes functional with the number of possible pairs of operations, and this number is directly proportional to n-squares. ”

“Once Bitcoin reaches 11 thousand, it can increase a thousand dollars in 50-60 days”

Peterson also stated that the Metcalfe method increases by a thousand dollars every 50-60 days, once the $ 11,000 level is exceeded for Bitcoin.

The experienced analyst shared his other research articles on Bitcoin, Chainlink and what affects their values ​​on Twitter and made the following comment:

“We are 30 days away from a period when Bitcoin will not fall below $ 11,000 forever. This will be very interesting because every 50-60 days, Bitcoin will increase by $ 1000. This is the nature of compound growth. It’s like a viral spread. It pops up out of nowhere and goes over everything. Bitcoin price never looks back “

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