Bitcoin Price Increased $ 600 in 1 Hour


Bitcoin price has increased by hundreds of dollars in the past hour and a half. BTC price, which has risen up to 6 thousand 600 dollars in Gemini, which is one of the crypto exchanges, has now decreased to 6 thousand 400 dollars.

What Triggered?
Mobility in bitcoin price started exactly at 15:00 CET. It is not a coincidence that Bitcoin took action exactly at this hour. Because the Federal Reserve issued an announcement that surprised everyone at this hour.

In this statement, where you can read the details here, the Fed stated that it will receive “Treasury bonds and securities” as needed. With this statement, the Fed announced that it could bring an unlimited amount of money into the economy. After the Fed made this announcement, both gold and Bitcoin prices started to rise.

The main reason for this may be that people want to turn to limited supply assets.


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