Bitcoin Price Hits 630 Thousand Liras on Binance


While the Bitcoin (BTC) price was traded in the range of $ 17,600-17,700 on many cryptocurrency exchanges, there was an interesting development in the Binance charts. According to the BTC / TUSD parity on Binance, the largest crypto currency exchange, the Bitcoin price rose to $ 82 thousand (630 thousand lira) for a short time. The question of why this happened remains a mystery for now.

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, hosted an interesting development this week. According to the Decrypt report, an unprecedented candle was detected on the BTC / TUSD board on November 17 at 09:00.

The price seemed to go up to 630 thousand liras

At the time this green candle appeared, the average price of Bitcoin was $ 16,600. But the candle seen in the BTC / TUSD pair pointed to a much higher number than that. As can be seen in the screenshot taken, the BTC price increased to 82 thousand dollars, ie 630 thousand liras, according to this chart.


What could this process be caused by?

From time to time, unusual transactions such as this can occur in the crypto money market. Towards the end of October, an interesting transaction took place on Binance again, and it was learned that a crypto money investor bought Bitcoin for 220 thousand liras.

It is not possible to say that this transaction, which is detected in the BTC / TUSD parity, is an intentional transaction. It is known that this transaction was made around 1:00 am in the morning, so the trade volume in the stock exchange is smaller than normal. However, by looking only at the small volume, it is not possible to conclude that this transaction was made due to a confusion in buy and sell orders.

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The Decrypt team also highlights the possibility that this may have happened due to a bug in the stock market. However, the Binance team has not made a statement about this $ 82,000 candle so far. In addition, for now, nobody’s “Accidentally bought Bitcoin for $ 82 thousand.” We did not see that he shared.


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