Bitcoin Price Falls to $ 9K


Bitcoin, which passed $ 10,000 last night, has now fallen back below $ 9,500.

Bitcoin price started to fall shortly after passing 10 thousand dollars last night and it went below 10 thousand dollars again. The price of BTC, which has been floating between 9 thousand 700-10 thousand dollars all day long, has experienced a few hundred dollars decrease in the last few hours.

Bitcoin, which fell to the level of 9 thousand 200 dollars after this decrease, brought the following question to investors: ‘Will it fall below 9 thousand?’

In the meantime, it should be emphasized that there is a decline not only in the crypto money market but also in different markets. Especially when we look at the SP500 Index in the USA, we see a decrease of more than 4%.

Worried Hours

We have already started to see the effects of this drop in bitcoin price. Such decreases, of course, directly affect futures markets. When we look at Datamish data, we can see that more than 30 million dollars of long positions have been liquidated in BitMEX in the last 6 hours.

The fact that the bitcoin price has fallen this far has begun to worry many investors. Crypto Michael, who made a prediction about Bitcoin earlier today and said that if the price rises above $ 10,500, we could see 12 thousand dollars, saying that the region of 9 thousand 100-9 thousand 300 dollars is very critical for Bitcoin.

He shared a post about the downturn experienced today and said that Bitcoin has entered the critical region in question, and if this region goes down, there may be a “harder drop”.


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