Bitcoin Prediction Correct Analyst Goals $ 1 Million


Timothy Peterson, who correctly predicted the current value of Bitcoin, which is around 10 thousand dollars, with the table he published in 2018 on social media, re-published the table in the light of the latest developments. In the table, the Bitcoin price for 2028 appears to be $ 1 million.

In the past days, Bitcoin’s; After its failure to overcome the resistance of $ 12,000, breakdown news from the world’s most important stock markets, and its rapid loss of value due to fraud scandals, many investors and market followers asked “Is Bitcoin over?” questions voiced. Statements made by experts such as Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone, such as “Bitcoin can be $ 500 thousand, can go down to $ 0” also pushed investors more into panic. In addition, there were experts who thought that this decline for Bitcoin was a factor that could recover. Binance CEO CZ’s statement “Don’t panic, Bitcoin is not dying” also supported these experts.

One of the names that did not lose faith in Bitcoin was investor and manager Timothy Peterson. In April 2018, with a chart he published on his Twitter account, he revealed his estimates of the value increase of Bitcoin over the years. Peterson, who reminded this tweet yesterday in the face of the events of the past, showed the 10 thousand dollars value of BTC reached today in the table.

Bitcoin Price Could Find $ 1 Billion In 2028

As the manager and investor Peterson’s followers kept their previous estimates; He started asking whether future predictions for BTC could be correct. Peterson, whose prediction he made 2 years ago was correct, thinks that the BTC price may be $ 1 million in the coming years, according to the table. Peterson argued that the values ​​he determined were not a trend prediction but were based on economic fundamentals and mathematics. Peterson added that a decision from the authorities to terminate Bitcoin or China, which has already dominated a large part of the hash rate, would not be sustainable, as long as China gains complete control.


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